TRDG is also a module that can be included in your favorite training pipeline. The easiest way to use it, is to import a generator.

from trdg.generators import GeneratorFromStrings

generator = GeneratorFromStrings(['Test1', 'Test2', 'Test3'])

for img in generator:
    # Do something with the pillow image here.

The basic one is GeneratorFromStrings which, as its name indicates, will take a list of strings, and generate an image and label pair.

If you want to avoid having to maintain dictionaries, you can use GeneratorFromDicts which will use the bundled ones, GeneratorFromRandom which generates random strings, and GeneratorFromWikipedia which picks random article from Wikipedia as its source for strings.

Here are examples for each of those, respectively:

from trdg.generators import (

generator_from_dicts = GeneratorFromDicts()
generator_from_random = GeneratorFromRandom()
generator_from_wikipedia = GeneratorFromWikipedia()

for img, lbl in generator_from_dicts:
    # Do something with the pillow image here.

The generators will not raise StopIteration, they will keep generating images until you break out of the loop. Set a non-negative value for count if that’s an issue